Orginated of the Confucianism

Sectors of Confusian

There are 8 sectors of confucianism. The Mencius, In the fourth century B.C., Mencius, a student of Confucius, used Confucian ideals to teach that human nature is essentially good. Also advocating the benefits of divisions of labor to exercise the mind as well as the body, he believed that if a person truly lived in the mold of Confucius, he could not be corrupted by riches, conquered by power, or affected by poverty. After Muncius, Xunzi (third century B.C.) was the next great Confucian thinker for whom a school of thought is named. He took the opposite stance of Muncius when he taught that human nature is essentially evil and drew followers with his polarizing opposite choice. Dong Zhongshu was extremely dedicated to scholarly pursuits. He differed from the previous two students of Confucius in that he took a neutral stance on human nature, stating only that a personfs actions have consequences in the universe. Dong used the five natural elements -- fire, wood, metal, earth and water. Song Confucianism, did not consist of any one scholar teaching Confucian ideals, but a collection of them. The men in this school of thought brought Confucian teachings back to what they thought were truer representations of Confucius, and preached living a life of self-cultivation and balance between humanity and the cosmos. Ming Confucianism, Scholars in this era focused on uniting a personfs mind with his actions and how they related to the earth instead of the heavens. Korean Confucianism,Yi took an intellectual approach to Confucianism by incorporating Menciusf ideas of basic feelings and emotions in his treatise, ""Discourse on the Ten Sagely Diagrams,"" written to educate the king. Qing Confucianism, it was starting to become associated with politics instead of remaining a spiritual and philosophical school of thought and lastly, the Modern Confucianism it is a religious and political ideologies in the West began to have a large impact on the East at the start of the 19th century, and Confucianism was one of the victims.

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